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The Watch Battery size may be small but the payoff is huge 



Your friends at MYBRS believe when a battery reaches its end-of-life, it should be returned to its natural commodity.


  • We provide industry high cash payouts on a per pound basis for silver oxide watch batteries. Ask Us Now!
  • Every year, thousands of batteries are ingested and people are injured, some being very serious that have resulted in death.  Always keep spent batteries out of the reach of children, elderly or and/or disabled. Visit this site for additional details:
  • Jumbled used watch batteries pose a fire risk, and they could "pop" (explode) if short-circuited, sending debris toward your face and hands. Therefore, goggles and gloves are recommended when handling spent watch batteries. Even when they appear dead, most used batteries are not considered fully spent. It is imperative that the terminals of lithium batteries be covered before placing them into a storage container. In fact, it is against the law to transport spent lithium batteries without first covering the terminals. Never store any volume of spent lithium batteries with their terminals uncovered, except in a location far from flammable materials of structures, and never where accessible to small children.  


FYI: Alkaline and Lithium Primary button cell batteries have no value and carry a small per pound cost to responsibly recycle in the U.S.